Real Environmental Policy

The Problem

The global demand for oil and gas will continue to increase beyond 2035. Even the staunchest environmentalists are still using oil and gas. So why do we punish people for consuming oil and gas products? The Carbon tax primarily impacts the necessities of people's lives such as heating their homes, driving to work, and the price of food. Not everyone can afford to live in the big cities. It makes no sense to target average Albertans who make average income for products they HAVE to purchase. The same goes for limiting our pipeline capacity. If we are not providing the world with ethical oil… someone else will.

The Solution

One way to stop virtue signaling climate policy is to come up with more tangible alternatives, such as working to reuse products that are a result of oil and gas production. Researching/creating more uses for recycled products and increasing demand and viability for waste management facilities to recycle products rather than leave them in our landfills. This will ultimately help overcome the biggest hurdle in recycling today, Cost. We also need Education on large-scale recycling in High School. Up to 80% of what we put in landfills could be recycled. It is time Alberta switches its focus to the circular economy rather than doubling down on harmful climate policy.