About Isaac

I grew up with 5 younger brothers and two older sisters on a farm in Westlock County. I was homeschooled for most of my education and attended the U of A for Economics and Political Science with the goal of running for County Council. I've always wanted to live a life of service, and politics seemed like a good fit for my skillset. I first ran when I was 21 and served two years before winning re-election in 2021. I sit on multiple boards including the water commission, waste commission, and chair the Westlock Agricultural Service Board. I volunteer on our fire department, and helped run a boys club at our church. I've been involved in different capacities with the UCP since the unity movement started.

I've worked as a ski/snowboard instructor at our local hill growing up, worked in construction, worked as a weed sprayer, and work with people with special needs in my spare time.

I enjoy snowboarding, restoring cars, hockey, and watching football. I like to keep myself busy, whether it be reading, working, or spending time with my family, i'm always up to something.