A Vocal Representative

The Problem

- Alberta and Canada have suffered from a lack of authentic, vocal conservatives for years. We have representatives claiming to be authentic “conservatives,” but in reality, their version of “authentic” is just to embrace ultra progressive policy purely in hopes of attracting more voters. On the other end of the spectrum, many of our principled and strong conservatives are not vocal enough or are not presenting our ideals in a way that appeal to the next generation of undecided voters.

- An example of authenticity is Pierre Poilievre. Pierre has been attracting Canadians to the conservative movement for years through his social media presence, his simplifying of complex issues, and his translation of how conservative values can help Canadians in their everyday lives. Some are just realizing it now, but Pierre has played a massive role in keeping the federal conservatives relevant for the last eight years, perhaps even more so than the leaders.

The Solution

- We need to take conservative principles and apply them to issues the next generation cares about, such as education, job prospects, affordability, and social programs. Utilizing social media, starting a podcast, and writing weekly articles will all be part of the job for me in working on expanding our ideas, and attracting more undecided voters to become involved in the party.

- Working with our over ten local councils to kickstart community projects will also be a priority for me. The lifeline of rural communities is our halls, health facilities, ball diamonds, and roads. Keeping our rural communities intact is a top priority.