My Record

In my three years as a county councilor i've learned a lot. I've worked hard to bring our tax rates down so our county is a more affordable place to live in. I was first elected in 2019, then reelected with a mostly all new council in 2021. Even though I found myself on the losing end of many votes in my first term, I did not let that deter me from being an advocate for more development and less taxes and fees.


  • Only Councilor to vote against tax increases in 2019 and 2020 while also offering alternatives to balance the budget.

  • Helped Council achieve first 0% tax increase in over 7 years.

  • Voted to lower taxes for small campgrounds

  • Personally and successfully advocated for all county graders to have their GPS reports put online on a weekly basis.

  • Advocated the county to start a regional economic development committee with the town to attract development. Currently sits on the board.

  • Advocated for the sale of echo lake from the county to a private developer. The campground has now been revitalized by a local developer for residents to use.

  • Only councilor to vote against quadrupling day use fees at long island lake. After more public consultation the decision to raise the fees was successfully reversed.

  • Voted against implementing a 60$ yearly fee to use landfill. Offered cheaper, alternative options like a 5$ fee to use transfer stations. In the 90s County council implemented an increase to taxes in accord with the cost the landfill was costing them. So we're essentially double charging residents.

  • Worked with local Div. 5 farmer to have compost facility/site in county approved. One of the largest investments the county has had in recent history and has the potential to grow significantly. Isaac continues to be an advocate to expand this local development.

  • Has local "coffee with your councilor" meetings in Tawatinaw for residents to ask questions and be updated on county work.

  • Although Councilor's are not involved in the day to day operations of the county, Isaac tries to be as involved as possible, including helping prioritize drainage issues and roads, and personally helping remove damns if residents need.

  • Attended multiple rallies against vaccine mandates separate from council. And advocated at every chance for the government to recognize the effect of lockdowns on our youths mental health. As well as recognize natural immunity.