Freedom and Control

The last two years have shown me that we as conservatives need to do better in holding the government accountable when it comes to overreaching into our rights and freedoms. We are always playing catch up, opposing the baby steps our federal government is taking to turn us into a more controlled, socialist, and globalist country. I refuse to let this continue to be the narrative. Not only will i point out the issues with the damaging direction Canada is going, i will make sure we are offering good ideas and values as the alternative. We need to stick to our traditional values as Canadians but also have progressive policy in a rapidly changing society. I think this has been the main downfall for the Conservative movement federally, we are quick to point out the problems, but we are not differentiating our policy enough from Liberal policy to change the course of the electorate.

"You shall own nothing and be happy" is happening right here in Canada. Our youth are owning less and less, the average age to own a house goes up every year, and foreign property investment continues to rise. The middle class is disappearing, and the government is more eager to give handouts than it ever has before. We need to have outspoken and energetic MLA's and MP's who will stand up. If we do not, Canada will continue on its disastrous fiscal, ethical, and economic path.