Education Reform

The Problem

- Western post-secondary education delivery has significantly fallen behind on the world stage. Ardent students will still find a good education in Alberta, but we’re not doing anything more to make education more affordable and accessible. Having youth come out of university with a bachelor's degree that may or may not get them a better paying job, 60-100k in student debt, and in an inflated housing market, it is no surprise they crawl back to the government and embrace a pro Big government ideology. We are setting up our youth to fail if we do not set them up for success in the modern world.

The Solution

- Embracing online education accreditation would help students by significantly cutting down on their tuition costs, potentially saving them on rent, and giving them the opportunity for job experience while in school. Job experience has arguably become almost more important than an education. Not all students will want to learn online, and in-person learning will and should still be offered, but the government needs to push universities to advance with the times. The fact that this needs to be done really exemplifies that universities have lost their way. With the amount that the government subsidizes universities, we should have a say in how education is administered.

- We also need to protect the right to choose where kids are educated. Parental rights are important. And funding towards private schools and homeschooling should be more equitable with how we fund the public system.